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Tiny Leaf has moved

3782 NW 16th St, Lauderhill, Fl 33311

Farm Hours: 9am-3pm M-Th
Friday: 9am-3pm

Closed: Saturday - Sunday

We are not open to the public for farm visits. All visits must be discussed and scheduled and must include an order of microgreens for pick up that day!

For yachts and larger orders please contact us directly on Whatsapp, messenger or email. We update our crop list every Monday and Thursday, crop availability changes rapidly and it's easier to communicate changes through cell or email. 

Delivery policy update/ pick up policy

We will only make deliveries for orders over $200.00 going forward due to the heavy demand for our product and the limitations we still face as a small scale farm. We are willing to ship microgreen parcels through a third party carrier at the customers expense (we will pay a portion of the delivery cost). 

Farm microgreen pick up orders are a $100 minimum

We have changed our delivery zones to Broward County and Palm Beach County only. We no longer delivery South of Hollywood, Florida. We will only make an exception for Dade County if the order is substantial (over $500.00)

Any questions or concerns don't hesitate to reach out! We are always available on whatsapp from the hours of 8am to 3pm and if we miss you, we'll be sure to reach out first thing the following business days. 

C: 1 954 610 0231

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Are changing the world

TINY LEAF URBAN MICROGREEN FARM is a small scale indoor microgreen farm growing locally for the South Florida area. Microgreens (Micro greens) are more than just the microscopic servings of green veggies you see garnishing your dishes. If you've ever wondered what microgreens are you'll be surprised to find that they are basically the mini versions of the vegetables and herbs you love. These baby greens are harvested when they are in the cotyledon stage of their growth cycle. Meaning they are harvested when the seedling breaks open from the seed and you can see its first leaves after germination. Some microgreens are harvested at their true leaf stage, this is where you are able to identify the leaves completely as the herb or the plant it will eventually become.

Microgreens provide a wide variety of health benefits. Not only are these mini leaves great for adding flavor to your dish but they are also known to carry high levels of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that play a role in keeping your body healthy, as well as fighting off various diseases and illnesses. Research has shown that they hold up to 9 times more nutrients than their mature counterparts!

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Our Story

Tyron and Cassie have been working on board Luxury Motor Vessels for the last decade. Tyron is from South Africa and became interested in culinary while he was studying abroad in Spain for his finance degree. He had a gift and interest in food and decided to take the leap after school, joining his first Motor Yacht in 2012. He excelled in his profession and worked his way up as Head Chef on board 65 meter vessels and larger. His interest in food, nutrition and horticulture grew with every year he spent in the galley. 

Cassie is from Massachusetts and left home to join the yachting industry at the young age of 21 back in 2008. She excelled in her career and advanced very quickly to the lead stewardess role. She grew incredibly interested in design, florals and horticulture over her years of leading the interior team. Her passion for growing flowers and growing food became the primary focus in her life during the 2020 COVID lock down. 

Tyron and Cassie decided to purchase a property along with a vacant lot of land in Fort Lauderdale. They have been working towards doing something soul fulfilling with the space ever since. Tiny Leaf was born from merely a dream about growing food, microgreens and edible flowers for yacht chef's. At first their love for microgreens came from the culinary side of things but quickly expanded when they began to understand that urban farmers can change the worlds agricultural landscape. Urban farmers can bring greater yields in smaller spaces, increase access to healthy food options in urban food deserts and change the environmental impact from traditional farming. 

Tiny Leaf will be offering an array of speciality and gourmet microgreens to the Broward County area. Focusing on restaurants, yacht chef's and anyone who is interested introducing these delicious greens into their diet! Follow their journey on Instagram because this adventure has only just begun.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any comments, questions, or special orders

3782 NW 16th St

Lauderhill, Fl 33311

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"Harvested today and on your plate tomorrow"

Fresh from Florida now recognizes Tiny Leaf as one of the states local farms. The program offers certifications for the farm to table experience. We are now proud members of this community and we look forward to continuously offering our locally grown products to the South Florida area and beyond!

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