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Hydroponic Indoor Growing

Our farm is indoors and set up in a vertical growing style. Growing vertically gives you the opportunity to grow more crops in a smaller space. 

Soil-less Growing

All of our crops are grown hydroponically. Hydroponics is the process of growing plants in sand, gravel, liquid or an alternative soil blend. This is basically a method of growing plants without traditional soil. We grow our crops on a peet moss medium mixed with Coconut Coir and airlite. The is made from coconut husks and ground down so it gives you a finer, softer finished product. Coco Coir is 100% organic, renewable and environmentally sustainable.The coir is PH neutral, holds moisture very well, has no odor and is bacteria free. We combine the coir with PRO MIX HP soil with is a combination of purified soil and perlite.


All the crops are grown in reusable and recyclable plastic trays ranging from 1-2 inches deep. A 1020 slatted tray fits into a non slatted tray, this way you can water the plants by adding water to the bottom tray a cup at a time. These crops do not require a ton of water everyday, anywhere from 1 cup to 2 cup per flat morning and night. This watering technique helps to reduce mold issues on the crops and it's also a much cleaner option for indoor growing. Over saturating crops is more likely when you top water, its more ideal if you are growing in a green house setting. Microgreens like water that is slightly on the acidic side. We PH balance our tap water down to 5.5 or 6 to make sure the micros are getting the right balance of acidity. Since coconut coir is nutrient free, we also need to add fertilizer to our crops. We use a product called Ocean Solutions which is a liquid organic fertilizer harvested from the ocean. Very little of this solution has to be added to the water, so a little goes a long way! This nutrient dense solution helps our crops absorb more macro and micro nutrients for boosted growth. 


Microgreen grows require very little power and natural resources. Hydroponics are very earth friendly and sustainable. Plants grown this way require 20% less water than traditional growing. All our micros are grown organically and with NON-GMO seed. We also compost all our used mediums after harvest, putting them back into our garden outdoors. 


Microgreens can grow under LED lights or florescent grow lights. We grow our micros under the SunBlaster T5 full spectrum lights which pull about 1 amp of power per bulb. The bulbs are very efficient and energy friendly. Each unit has a reflective panel so they can increase their output by 50% without consuming more electricity. There is very little wasted light energy in the microgreen production. 

Growing Conditions

Growing indoors has another big benefit, you can easily control the growing conditions of your crops. We have air conditioning, a dehumidifier and fans all running inside the grow room. Optimal temps and humidity in the room give our crops the best possible chance of survival and producing the best yields.

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