The Tiny Leaf Team

Local urban farmers are committed to the health of our community and planet. Meet the incredible people behind the scenes at Tiny Leaf Urban Microgreen Farm LLC

Tyron Hardie

Co owner/ Chef/ Urban Farmer

We’re so lucky to have such a passionate and skilled chef on our team. Tyron worked as a yacht Chef for the past 10 years and placed many microgreen orders from growers all over the world. These tiny leaves appeared on every one of his culinary creations. 

Tyron has become incredibly invested in growing microgreens for our South Florida area. He is excited about reaching our community with our nutritious and gourmet greens.


Cassie Thibeau

Co owner/Florist/Urban Farmer

Cassie is the co-founder of Tiny Leaf. She has been a yacht stewardess for the last decade & found her passion in floristry/horticulture while on board luxury vessels. The care and handling of flowers and plants has always been a gift of hers, going all the way back to gardening with her grandmother as a child. 

She has big dreams for the farm and is excited to be able to contribute to the health of her community and the planet.

Cassie has also just completed a Floral Design Course at Flower School NY. Her floral work and edible flowers are going to be an addition to their little microgreen farm. Stay tuned for updates on @_flourish_design

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