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Keep your greens crisp and fresh

Once you receive your microgreens what do you do next?

We recommend that you place your microgreens directly into the refrigerator for best and longest shelf life. Microgreens do not like heat or moisture, so in order to prevent spoiling its best to keep them cool. Microgreens do not technically need to be washed, they grow in a very clean and controlled environment. However, we do recommend that you rinse them before consuming; make sure to always use cool water. 

We harvest our microgreens dry, meaning they will not receive a watering the day of harvest. This is to make sure the greens are not holding too much water when we cut them out of the tray. Ultimately, this would lead to wilting quickly in your refrigerator. Once we harvest the greens they will "rest" in our cooler over night and be delivered to you the following day. 

Be aware that some microgreens have a longer shelf life than others, so monitor your greens daily and enjoy their delicious flavor and nutrient dense benefits right away in salads, juices or whatever your heart desires.

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